2019-05-31 15:32:14
We are pleased to announce that as a result of long-term fruitful relationship between the dolphinariums in Varna and Constanta, we have concluded a mutual agreement, which will benefit the efforts of the two institutions at an even higher level by sharing knowledge and educational programs in the following areas:
  • Conducting studies and research in the field of marine mammals
  • Promotion and support of joint research and educational projects and programs concerning the study and conservation of marine mammals
  • Exchange of experienced specialists aimed at increasing their professional qualification and knowledge.
  • The establishment of joint scientific meetings and the presentation of the results from various studies in the field of marine mammals
  • Promoting the success of our mutual cooperation through the media.
The teams of both the Dolphinarium are convinced that this way they will significantly improve their work and to meet the highest European standards in the field of marine mammals.