Dolphin show

You will see the incredible sporting and acrobatic skills of our dolphins - high jumps, double flips, triple axle. They will sing to you, dance rock n' roll and waltz. You'll see how they save a man in the water.
Get ready to lose your breath of emotions and joy. And remember - dolphins love the applause of the audience!
* The additional service TAKING PHOTOS refers to photoshoot the Dolphin show or part of it with your camera, camcorder or other photo device. This service does not include photos next to the dolphins and seals.


with the dolphins

Close contact with dolphins in the small pool of Dolphinarium Varna. You will be in the role of a trainer and the dolphin will perform with you some of the most attractive tricks from the Dolphin show. This experience is only available from April to October. 

Prices - Swimming with the dolphins
Period Days of the week
Tuesday - Thursday Friday - Sunday
From May 1st till May 31st 200 BGN 300 BGN
From June 1st until June 30th 300 BGN
From July 1st until August 31st 350 BGN
From September 1st till September 30th 300 BGN
From October 1st till October 31st 200 BGN 300 BGN
Here are some important details you should know before swimming with the dolphins:
  • You must be at least 12 years old. If you are in the age between 12 and 18 years old, you need a written permission from at least one of your parents. There are several reasons for this limitation and what brings them together is our care for the children.
  • Swimming with the dolphins is not a medical or curative procedure. You should also not suffer from any skin, mental and other serious illnesses that could get complicated in water.
  • If you are pregnant, we strongly recommend postponing this adventure!
  • You should not have consumed alcohol before the experience.
  • The attraction is performed with the help of individual floating vests. Bear in mind that you need at least basic swimming skills.
  • The depth of this part of the pool is 3 m, and the water temperature throughout the year is between 21 and 24 degrees.
  • Swimming with the dolphins takes place in groups along with a maximum of five other visitors. Accompanying participants are not allowed during the attraction.
  • During the experience, our special photographer takes photos of each participant. The photos you like and pay for will be printed on paper and/or delivered to your email address. The price of one photo is BGN 15. The images remain the property of Dolphinarium Varna.
  • Before you swim with the dolphins, you must have paid for the attraction in advance at the cash desk or online on our website. No unpaid bookings are allowed. You need to be present at the cash desk at least 15 minutes before your booking, wearing a swimsuit, a towel, and slippers.
  • Before swimming with the dolphins, our trainer will explain what you should and should not do. Then you have to sign a declaration stating that you are familiar with the rules and will follow the instructions of the trainers.

from a seal

Don't miss to get closer to our seals too. After each Dolphin show, these cute and cheerful creatures will be meet you in the foyer and take photos with you. And if they are in the mood, they will give you a kiss on the cheek.


Coffee shop with
an underwater view


Whether you are visiting the dolphin show or just walking around Dolphinarium Varna, do not miss another unique experience. At our coffee shop, you can watch the underwater life of the dolphins through our special windows. We can assure you that this is something you should see. You will feel like in a submarine! And then, to make your experience complete, admire the most beautiful panorama of the Varna Bay on the terrace. Try our great coffee, cocktails and all kinds of sweet and salty delights!



Souvenir shop

Even if you want to, you cannot omit our souvenir shop because your children will not miss the realm of cheerful toys - dolphins, seals, stuffed toys, clothes, useful small gadgets. They are affordable and will perfectly solve the problem, "What kind of original gift can I make to my loved ones? Or what souvenir can we keep from Varna and Bulgaria?"


Personal event organization

The dolphins at Dolphinarium Varna adore celebrations and will be glad to help to turn your personal celebration into an event.