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A story with dolphins ...

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... and people

The dolphinarium

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is among the top places in Varna...







10 October - 09 April





11 April - 14 May





16 May - 25 June





27 June - 03 September





05 September - 24 September





26 September - 08 October





Dolphins are having a day off on Monday.




01.04 - 14.06

15.06 - 15.09

16.09 - 31.10

01.11 - 31.03

Children under the age of 2.


Children from 2 to 12 years old.

17.00 BGN

24.00 BGN

17.00 BGN

12.00 BGN


24.00 BGN

30.00 BGN

24.00 BGN

18.00 BGN

VIP Children from 2 to 12 years old.

30.00 BGN

36.00 BGN

30.00 BGN

24.00 BGN

VIP Adults

36.00 BGN

42.00 BGN

36.00 BGN

30.00 BGN

Right to taking photos

5.00 BGN

The blue seats in the hall - the first three rows of the central sector, opposite the stage and the pool, are the VIP seats in the price list above.


Tickets could be purchased using one of the following methods


Cash desk

Ticket machine

Please note that when a show is canceled because of dolphins' illness, discomfort, birth or other reasons, we can offer you another date and/or hour for a show. In this case your ticket remains valid without additional validation.
If you refuse to use your ticket, we can refund the amount immediately - if the ticket is purchased at the cash desk.
If you have paid online, the amount will be refunded by bank transfer to the account used for making the payment.

How to get there?

Public transportation


You can use any of the following buses:

from the city center: №9, №14, №39, №409

check the schedule

from the Golden Sands Resort: №9, №409

check the schedule

On foot

From the city center walk towards the sea. Enter the Seaside Park. Go north through the park, so that the sea is on your right. You will enjoy a 30-minute walk through a magnificent, over the 100-year-old park, under the shadow of exotic trees. 

By taxi

The easiest way to get to Dolphinarium Varna is by taxi. Please note that the distance to us from the main resorts around Varna is: from Albena - 35 km, from Golden Sands - 16 km, from St. Konstantin and Elena - 6 km. The taxi prices vary but usually do not exceed 1.40 BGN per km. The price from the center of Varna to the Dolphinarium should be no more than BGN 15.

By car

You can enter Varna from 3 directions:  south - from Burgas, north - from Golden Sands and Albena, west - from Sofia. We have placed blue signs with a white inscription on all central streets: DOLPHINARIUM. 

Just follow them.

Where is the parking lot and how to get there?

When you reach the right turn for the Primorski Park entrance and the Dolphinarium Varna, please continue straight for another 700 meters. Please, follow the signs to easily find the parking. You can then walk back to the Dolphinarium Varna on the walkway in the Primorski Park.
Important! Please, ensure approximately 30 minutes for parking.