The Dolphins

Dolphins (Delphinidae) are marine mammals of the order Cetaceans. The word dolphin comes from the Greek Delphi, which means "with a womb". That means that they are not fish, but mammals, whose self-development began about 10 million years ago.
The dolphins at Dolphinarium Varna are of the Tursiops truncatus kind. They are widespread in the moderate and tropical waters of the World Ocean. This is one of the three types of dolphins that could be found in the Black Sea.


Bianca is our vain lady seal. She is charming and charismatic, attracts the attention of all gentlemen around and makes everybody smile. In contrast, Leo is not so tolerant and sometimes growls if he sees any competition for the heart of his beloved Bianca.


Leo is the head of our seal family. Unlike most men, he likes being photographed. When he sees a lady nearby he tries to kiss her. Luckily, Bianca is not really jealous.

The Seals

Leo and Bianca are the curious neighbors who miss nothing of the dolphins’ life. They share all the happy moments of their friends and regularly sing songs to little Flipper.

The seals at Dolphinarium Varna are of the kind Patagonian sea lion (Otaria flavescens) type. They could be found across the South American Pacific and Atlantic ocean.
The size and weight of the Patagonian sea lions may vary greatly. Adult males can grow over 2.73 m in length and reach a weight of up to 350 kg. Adult females grow up to 1.8 - 2 m and weigh about 150 kg. 
Both our seals are born in Europe. Leo is from the Netherlands and Bianca - from Denmark. They do not take part in the shows. You can watch them in their cozy family mansion provided with their own pool. If you are very kind and curious, they will let you take pictures with them or give you a kiss.


About us

Dolphinarium Varna is one of a kind attraction in Bulgaria. It is set amidst greenery in the northern part of the Varna Sea Garden with a wonderful sea view. It was opened on 11.08.1984 and is a symbol not only of Varna but also of the tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The Dolphinarium is a must in the programs of all tourists visiting the Bulgarian seaside.